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Second Photo of Katja

"Her unique German-American background, love of jazz and knowledge of history—paired with an innate curiosity about what makes human beings tick—show in Katja’s investigation of Blue Note artist Jutta Hipp’s life. I applaud her for illuminating Hipp’s complex character, a sensitive artist soul hidden beyond the stubborn façade of a war survivor."
- Don Was
President, Blue Note Records

“Over the years, I entrusted Katja with translations of liner notes for Edition Longplay releases. My label is unique in that the album cover art is designed by renowned visual artists whose work relates to the featured music. Katja’s translations reflect her broad knowledge of the arts and the language of jazz in particular.”
- Rainer Haarmann
Founder & Former Director, JazzBaltica Festival
Label Owner, Edition Longplay

“Katja's command of English and German in both the written and spoken form is absolutely superb. It's a unique and rare talent that she has and that few master. I have tasked her with everything from legal contracts to casual speech translations and she nails it perfect every time. Her attention to detail is simply amazing."
- Steven Heimbold
Partner, Reality Check Systems, Inc.

"Katja von Schuttenbach enriched our 2012 Jazzfest Berlin Remembering Jutta Hipp project with an exquisitely researched and compelling to read portrait of Jutta Hipp.“
- Bert Noglik
Ex-Artistic Director, Jazzfest Berlin

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